Paul Garrin

A top performing senior IT executive

A versatile IT executive, I have an outstanding record leveraging technology and systems to maximize performance across a multitude of KPIs. Serving organizations in healthcare and hospitals, systems integration, staffing and outsourcing solutions, financial services, government and transportation, among other industries, I have driven continuous improvements to efficiency, productivity, reliability, security and functionality while tightly reining in costs.

Leading multidisciplinary IT organizations, I have propelled teams to outperform demanding corporate, client and user expectations at Randstad / Tatum, Lighthouse International, Monmouth University Medical Center, Saint Peters Healthcare System and elsewhere.

With expertise in a wide variety of methodologies, operating systems, hardware, software and infrastructure environments, I have developed and implement solutions for nearly every operational requirement from finance, accounting and HR to electronic medical records management and voice/data/wireless networks. I am recognized for creating simple, cost-effective solutions to complex and constantly evolving business process and regulatory challenges.

At your organization, I could make a strong impact by:

* Maximizing ROIs on information technology & systems
* Devising & implementing visionary strategic technology roadmaps
* Aligning enterprise solutions with evolving corporate & client needs
* Ensuring superior functionality, 24x7x365 uptime & seamless connectivity
* Planning & delivering large-scale projects within tight time & budget constraints

Others have described me as a natural leader, farsighted strategist, astute analyst, inspiring motivator, persuasive communicator and shrewd negotiator.

My education includes MPA and BA degrees from Fordham University (with studies in Political Science, Public Affairs, Computer Science and Statistics) and a certificate in Healthcare Leadership Development at Stevens Institute of Technology.
Metro NYC & Philadelphia area

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